iPhone Development – 100 Resources

I’m not a software developer, even though that’s what I’ve always wanted to be when I grow up. 🙂 But I see that VirtualHosting.com has an exhaustive list of tools, guides, and applications to assist in writing that killer app for the iPhone.

Whether you’re developing for the iPhone or just want to find more ways to play with your shiny new toy, there are loads of resources out there designed to help you out. From cool apps, to helpful tools, and easy to use guides, we’ve found 100 of the best. Read on to discover some of the most fun and useful developments for the iPhone.

If you’re interested, check out The iPhone Development Roundup: 100 Apps, Tools, and Guides by Jessica Hupp.

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Scary Wireless Stories

Are you a wireless communications carrier in the US?  Then I have a very scary revelation to share with you.

You’re about to loose control.  You will lose control of your network, its devices, and your customers.

Will you throw an infantile temper-tantrum like the RIAA and threaten/bully/sue your customers into compliance?

Or will you be a leader in the industry and embrace the concept of an open network and make it easy for your customers to come & go as they choose?

I admit it’s a frightening proposition to contemplate.  However, accepting the notion of an open network will allow you to provide more innovative, better quality, and a larger number of interesting services.

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PC World – Frontline: iPhone Shows Need for New Wireless Network

wireless A not-so-interesting complaint relating to the iPhone and AT&T’s EDGE data service.  Yes, EDGE is slow for modern browsing tasks.  AT&T has 3G and HSDPA networks available in many urban areas that Apple could have taken advantage of, relying on EDGE as a good fall-back in most rural areas.  To be honest, most rural areas will actually only have GPRS!

While the analysis of an under-powered wireless infrastructure is true, not just the government is to blame as they try to in this article.  The carriers and device manufacturers should also be taken to task on this.  Too much emphasis is placed on who has the fastest network, and not enough on making that fast network ubiquitous.

The dirty little secret that consumers need to keep in mind is that the U.S. is a huge country and we expect service in nearly all corners of the map.  Take a look at Europe and each country is not much bigger than the state of Wisconsin, or Colorado or California.  If that’s all the real estate that you have to worry about, you can get coverage fairly easy.  We’ve got a lot more country that has a few dozen people per square mile and that is hard for many carriers to justify putting up expensive cell towers.

At any rate, consumers should start getting more vocal about the price and performance of wireless networks.  Popular opinion is the greatest power in the marketplace, regardless of what the carriers, device manufactures, and government regulatory committees believe.

Let ’em all know what you want!

Via: PC WorldFrontline: iPhone Shows Need for New Wireless Network

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T-Mobile Wing – To Upgrade…or not

T-Mobile has finally released an upgrade to their popular MDA called the ‘Wing’.  I’ve been a happy T-Mobile MDA owner for well over a year and am trying to decide whether to upgrade to the Wing or wait for the next version.

The Wing is a nice upgrade, revamped keyboard with larger keys, Bluetooth 2.0, 2 Megapixel camera, and Windows Mobile 6.  What isn’t updated is the RAM/ROM, which really isn’t a problem, and the processor which runs at 200MHz.  The MDA has the same speed processor in it an can at times be really slow.  The other item that many, including myself, are missing is the 3G portion.  Yes, Tmo only has EDGE right now, and will use a different 3G frequency when they do roll UMTS and HSDPA later this year.

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WiFi or Wireless WAN?

jkOnThe Run ...using mobile devices since they weighed 30lbs. Kevin C. Tofel over at jkOnTheRun poses a very interesting question: Would you give up integrated WiFi for WWAN?  Some UMPC devices only have one mini-PCI slot, and could accommodate either a WLAN or WWAN module.  Or its possible that one may want on or the other, to keep weight in the computer down, and eliminate one power drain – WiFi is terribly power-hungry.

With 3G services like EVDO and/or HSDPA, you have a nearly equivalent Internet connection speed as a WiFi connection (remember its the cable/DSL connection speed that may limit your Internet at a Hotspot).  The only downside would be associated computers at your office or residence, but if you are talking only about a Ultra Mobile PC – it may be an Internet-only device anyway.


Via: jkOnTheRun – Would you give up integrated WiFi for WWAN?

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