Random Tidbits – Catching Up

So it seems that I’m constantly talking about blogging rather than actually doing it. A lot has been done since my last post where I talked briefly about changing hosting providers (here’s my InMotion Hosting review) and getting that work done. Along with this site, I had three others to move over. That’s been done for a while, and I’m pretty pleased with the service so far.

The challenging thing is making time to get back to writing, sharing thoughts and ideas through this blog. That, of course, is where I’ve let work and life pull me in multiple directions. As usual, one of the first things that’s affected when too many tasks and projects demand more time are activities that don’t seem to support those task and projects. So it is with my blog from time to time.

It’s been a busy couple of months, and I’m finally catching up on a number of life challenges that randomly occur, especially with the economic changes that have been in play.  So while I am saying I’m returning to blogging, I am certainly going to be working my way back into it.  Easing my way really, building new habits into the days and weeks ahead instead of setting a hard schedule that would inevitably not follow.

Also, I plan to include a bit more personal experiences and items of interest rather than just talking about social media in business. That is still my core focus, but I believe there’s more in that by getting back to some of the original reasons I started blogging… as an outlet and ongoing record of creative ideas and points of view.

All in all, it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and really thought about blogging again, and I hope to reconnect with those that wish to do so.  Some say life is about challenges, but I prefer to look at it as a series of adventures.  Each one building on the experience of the last.

So, on to the next adventure.

Photo credit: Hugh MacLeod – gapingvoid

Why We Need Peers

Untitiled by johnkoEver take a minute and think about all the people in your life? Often we recognize so few – mostly family and friends. In life, though, there are many, many people who we interact with, are influenced by, and work with.

The people we know and interact with bring so many things to our lives. What we think, how we do things, the way we learn. It’s these things that expand our horizons and allow us to grow as individuals.

Our peers are not only our friends and coworkers. They are clerks at stores we visit and buy things from. They are our mail carriers and delivery people. They are our representatives in government, and teachers in our education system.  They are leaders in business, and in faith. They are the women and men who protect our country, and help us in emergencies.

Each of the people bring something unique, something special to the mix. Knowledge, leadership, compassion, guidance, strength, or camaraderie – our peers provide all this above and beyond our friendships.

In short, our peers make up the communities we participate in, both offline and online, which give us all such great resources to do great things together. I’m grateful to have so many people in my life, and to have the privilege of learning from them and with them.

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Doing It Wrong

Sometimes you have to write, even if it’s wrong.  I’m not sure if this is right or wrong, but not sharing ideas, thoughts, mistakes, and successes with you surely is wrong.  That’s what I’m hoping to change.

I’ve kept from posting for who knows what reasons.  I know I can’t explain it well.  So I’m not making promises about regular posting and I’m not suggesting any new directions with my blog here.  I do know that I’ve been holding back and that’s the one thing I am going to change.

Will I still blog about corporate social media, or challenges therein?  Sure, but I think, no I know, there are a number of topics that I want to chime in on, but haven’t felt like I should.  I don’t know where or when any of those will pop up, but I do know that it begins now.

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