Post Idea Giveaway 2012


Ideas Notebook By Matthew Allard

Sometimes you find that you’ve got too many ideas.  Ever have that problem?  I do this week, and I swear I’m going to do something about  it. I’ve got blog post ideas going back several years covering things from social media to technology to life topics and so on.  It’s time I liberate these post ideas.  I’m giving them to you to take and run with, just in case you’ve run out of ideas and need some inspiration.  What better way to end the week, right? Alrightly, here we go:

  1. Social Networking & The Impact On Your Personal Brand
  2. Moleskine Notebooks – Going Analog For The Fun of Writing
  3. How To Balance Social Network Participation In The Workplace
  4. 101 Uses for Twitter
  5. Why I Believe The “Smartphone” Isn’t So Smart
  6. Your Blog IS Your Social Network
  7. Online Communities – You Get Out Of Them Only What You Put Into Them
  8. The New Social Economy
  9. Social Media Is About Sociology Not Technology
  10. Never Stop Experimenting To Grow Yourself Or Your Brand
  11. If Words Mean Things
  12. Old Media Using Social Media
  13. Building A Better Branded Blog
  14. Decline Of Technology In America?
  15. Social Media And The IT Professional
  16. Anonymity – Pros & Cons
  17. Can You Connect Up To 6 people?
  18. Linux: Ubuntu Or Fedora Or ?
  19. The Most Powerful Social Media Tool: YOU
  20. Decisions: iOS Or Android
  21. Personal Branding And The IT Professional
  22. 10 Reasons For A Windows Hack To Love The iPhone
  23. Disengage From The Collective That Is Your Corporate Mindset
  24. “Who Am I?”
  25. How Can I Help People?
  26. Linux Software Installers – Why Do They Suck?
  27. Essential Software For The Blogger
  28. The New Intellectual
  29. Is the Theme/Style Of Your Blog Important To Readers?
  30. Social Realities Of A New Generation
  31. What Do I Do?
  32. What Can I Accomplish?
  33. Powerful Writing…
  34. Do I Realize How Lucky I Am?
  35. Social Media In The Enterprise
  36. Negativity In The Workplace
  37. Don’t Talk, Just Do
  38. Social Media Is An Evolutionary Step
  39. Tear Down This Wall (Cubicles That Is)
  40. What Is A “Social Entrepreneur”?
  41. Enterprise/Corporate Culture Clashes
  42. Good Enough
  43. Social Media Shoehorn
  44. Blogging Is A Commitment, Social Networks Are A Fling
  45. Making It Happen
  46. Why My Blogging “Rock Stars” Are From the Z-List
  47. SharePoint Can Be An Internal Enterprise Social Media Tool
  48. Labeling Things And Why It’s Ok
  49. Why Paper Publications Will Never Go Away
  50. A Culture Without Culture
  51. To Meme Or Not
  52. Step Away From The Ledge – It’s Going To Be Ok
  53. Help People
  54. Want To Be A High-Buck Consultant?
  55. Positive Growth Through Negative Feedback
  56. Virtualization: For Technology Only?
  57. Build Your Own Brand Armies
  58. Networking For Fun And Profit
  59. Fostering New Communication In The Enterprise
  60. What Social Media Has Taught A Techie Geek
  61. Afraid To Succeed?
  62. Stodgy Or Stale Brand? 10 Sure-Fire Ways To Freshen It Up
  63. Social Media Does Not Equal Marketing Or PR
  64. Fearing Free (Free Rage Fears?)
  65. The Problem With Technically Excellent Solutions
  66. Be Your Own Editor
  67. Thinkers – The Ones To Watch
  68. Getting Back To Where We Came From
  69. Go Where Your Forefathers Couldn’t
  70. Unsung Heros: Headhunters
  71. The Line In The Sand & When You Step Over It
  72. Landing Pages – Why Bother?
  73. Put It On paper
  74. Gen Y & Why They’re different
  75. Engage HR For Change
  76. Friend Counts Do Mean Something
  77. Anatomy Of Twitter
  78. Lack Of New Examples
  79. The More You Share
  80. The Android Dilemma
  81. Is Your Day Job Your Only Gig?
  82. When Self Promotion Goes Too Far
  83. The Joys Of Building Community
  84. Is Social Media Respected In Corporate Environments?
  85. Lets Not Screw Around
  86. Why The Old Tools Don’t Work
  87. Why The Old Tools STILL Work
  88. Corporate Obsolesce
  89. The changing Face Of Social Media
  90. What’s The Big Deal About 4G?
  91. What’s Next For Social Media
  92. The Dark Side Of Social Media, And Why It Sucks
  93. You Will Live Online
  94. Why Tablet-Haters Loose In The End
  95. 10 Billion Apps
  96. Do What Comes Naturally
  97. The Decline Of Social Media
  98. Social Media Posers
  99. Ongoing Standards Wars
  100. Shortsightedness Of Newspaper Publishers

Well, there’s a handful of the post ideas I’ve got in my notes.  That was just from one page of a OneNote notebook of post ideas! Sometimes, you just run out of time or simply never get back to the ideas you had when you thought of the topic.  Whatever the case, I figure somebody might make use of one or two, or ten of these.  Better to set them free than keep ’em in a dusty digital notebook right?

Photo credit: Ideas Notebook By Matthew Allard. Thank you Matthew the use of your photo!
Blog Header Photo credit: JOH_1994 by star5112.  Thanks for a neat picture of post-it notes that captured my thought!

Bringing Small Town Back

Small towns. I grew up in one, and wish many more folks had that opportunity to really get to know the people in your community. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality in our neighborhoods today, where the urban landscape seems to run unendingly into the horizon.

It was in small towns that communities were, more often than not, strong and supportive. In these small communities, people looked out for each other and most of the time made it easy for people to succeed. You relied on your neighbor because of the challenges and demands that were common to everyone.

For many of us, this kind of community didn’t exist. Or some of us started in those small communities and moved to much, much larger ones. The differences are profound and complex. Large communities tend to seem about numbers rather than people, and coming from an environment where you know everyone to one where you’re lost in the crowd can be overwhelming.

However, we’ve found another way to create unique, small communities that have tremendous value through the Internet. These innumerable, special-interest communities are not unlike small towns. They’re made up of many different individuals with wide-ranging perspectives and experiences, and they are the better for it.

I very much like to compare online communities to those small towns I speak so favorably about. Mainly because they reward the members as they participate and interact with each other. They open up new worlds of opportunity and knowledge that seem daunting at the outset, making friendships and acquaintances easier for many people lost in larger physical communities.

I see a number of small communities I belong to today, each one unique, offering something the others do not. These communities help define and direct who I am and what I do much like the small town I grew up in helped shape my world view and direction in life.

I truly hope you have great experiences with your small communities and help others to discover theirs.

Photo credit: Kodama (home)

Communication, or the lack thereof

'Communication Problem' by JoshFlassbind.comSo an interesting thing happened yesterday. I failed at something I know how to do.

It’s easy to let happen, get too many things demanding too much attention and you take your eye off the ball. Something we help our clients work through and watch out for, and here I did the classic lack of communication mistake.

It should be okay, I mean, that happens to everyone.

And it does. However, the real issue here is that I let myself get distracted from what I’ve been thinking about for some time, and that’s really the ‘shame on me’ part.

When you’re passionate about something and really want to make something more of it, you need to communicate, and do so often so there’s no confusion to the intention and direction you’re going. That is the classic, ultimate rule and one should stick to that as closely as is possible.

So, instead of working on those things that would move the ball down the field, I spent yesterday answering questions and putting out fires that needn’t have been. A blog post, an email blast and some tweets pointing folks to that information would have put much of the discussion to rest before it started.

Live and learn I suppose. Take my lesson (really, please take it – I’ll sell cheap) and learn from it instead of making the same mistake yourself. Call if you have questions, I’m still always learning and love to share those things I learn.

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