SBSH Software releases new version of iLauncher!

SBSH iLauncher 3If you’ve been a fan of SBSH Software’s iLauncher software, you should be aware of a newly released version.

Version 3 of iLauncher is available immediately to new and existing users ($14.95 new, $4.95 upgrade).

September 18, 2006 – SBSH Mobile Software released the next major version of the award-winning launcher application, iLauncher version 3! Introducing new integrated task-manager, ‘X’ button that really close, new safe-mode protection, special action shortcuts, multi-language support and much more!

For more information, check out the following links:

SBSH iLauncher Home Page

iLauncher 3 Press Release

        PhatWare back to school sale!

        PhatWare is having a “back to school” sale.  Stock up on all the necessities at 50% off!

        PhatWare has great software like PhatPad, PhatNotes, CalliGrapher, PhatSpell, PhatSketch, PenCommander, PenOffice, and more.  They offer software for Pocket PC, Smartphone, Ultra Mobile PCs, and Windows.

        Via: Pocket PC Thoughts

        Verizon releasing 8700 with GSM support? – Engadget Mobile

        Very interesting – if this article from Engadget Mobile (link below) is true, then Verizon customers will have no trouble roaming off-continent with this device.

        I’ve known they were working on this type of solution for awhile, but frankly, I’m surprised that they have it ready to go in the timeframe mentioned in the article.

        Verizon subs waiting for the latest BB goodness, your wait is over!

        Link to Verizon releasing 8700 with GSM support? – Engadget Mobile – New version of Skype for Pocket PC released

        So Skype seems to have released a new version of the Pocket PC interface to their service (though I believe its actually in beta yet).  Though they have not worked on reducing the system requirements so all us HTC Wizard users can use the software, they have several new features.

        Among the changes:

        • feature: Multi-chat support
        • feature: SkypeIn support
        • feature: Voicemail support
        • feature: Call forwarding support
        • feature: Profile editing
        • feature: Detailed search
        • feature: Contact list information with avatar and mood messages support
        • feature: Improved chat-more emoticons and ‘set topic’ ability
        • feature: Animated emoticons
        • feature: Skype Launcher
        • feature: GSM and Skype callsmanagement
        • feature: Larger Dial Pad and delete button in Dial Pad
        • feature: Online help
        • feature: One click access to Skype from the device home screen
        • change: Contact list sorting
        • bugfix: Saved SkypeOut contacts are shown without their name in the Log tab
        • bugfix: VM sender Skype name is displayed instead of the real name
        • bugfix: Chat partner username instead of the real name displayed in tab head
        • bugfix: ‘Clear Log’ doesn’t work for unknown SI call
        • bugfix: Call duration is only in minutes:seconds
        • bugfix: Search enabled while offline
        • bugfix: ‘Hold’ is enabled, when the call is already on hold
        • bugfix: Call ‘hold’ is allowed before call is answered
        • bugfix: ‘Hold’ reminds checked with new conference call
        • bugfix: Possible to send just space in chat
        • bugfix: Overlapped notifications on Start tab
        • bugfix: Contact names are overlapped in Contact list
        • bugfix: Allow calls and allow chats menus are empty while signed out
        • bugfix: Scrollbar doesn’t reach the end in Call log
        • bugfix: Selected privacy option not updated first time
        • bugfix: Title bar notifications are not removed after signing out
        • bugfix: Incoming chat will create notification when some dialog is open
        • bugfix: Offline icon changes to pending for contact who hasn’t been online for a long time
        • bugfix: Call duration is delayed for longer calls while browsing other programs at the same time

        Link to – New version of Skype for Pocket PC released

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