Notes about the G1 as a MID

image It’s surprising that something as portable as the T-Mobile G1 and powerful a platform as Android can be so useful.  Perhaps it shouldn’t be, but I’ve been using my G1 as a mobile internet device more and more often.

The biggest issue as many will point out is power, and the G1 is worse at power consumption and management than any other device.  On the other hand, the abilities simply outweigh the power disadvantages that it has.  Besides, keeping a charger (AC, USB, and auto) at hand eliminates that issue for the most part… minimizes it really.

Since jumping from the Windows Mobile camp to Android, I’ve noticed that my phone is fun & easy to use again.  It’s more powerful, simply because I use it for everything rather than explain how useful it can be as I did with Windows Mobile.  The software is fun too – many more new ideas and attempts to do different things than the staid, boring software selection that WinMo had when I last looked (it’s changing I know).

Anyway, just wanted to drop a note about how much I’ve come to depend on the G1, much more than my MDA that stayed by my side for 3 years.  Even though I believed that to be a powerful, useful device, Windows Mobile can’t hold a candle to Android (or the iPhone) at this time.  The phone is fun again.


The one thing holding me to Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook 2007 I’ve come to the conclusion that there is only one feature in Outlook that is holding me to it at the moment.  Can you help convince me that it’s time to drop Outlook?

See, I’ve been a longtime user and proponent of Microsoft software.  It’s actually really good software, and a decent value… for the enterprise.  For personal use, it’s long been questionable whether one needs such overblown feature laden software.

Also, Microsoft’s software is what I’d built my technical career on – and still rely on.  It solves business needs, and integrates together very nicely.  I’m not claming it’s the best-of-breed, or that it’s the most intuitive.  It’s simply been the best value proposition for most businesses when compared to other shipping options, personal opinions aside.

Anyway, want to know what that one feature is?  The ability to sync the contact list to a Windows Mobile phone.  In nearly a decade, it has simply worked time and time and time again.  It’s only failed me on one occasion, which was a user-instigated problem (I goofed up).  In all these years, my phonebook has always been up to date and consistently backed up with changes replicated back and forth with no effort or thought about it on my part.

Addiction by mr gonzales All my mail is online, I’ve moved my calendar to Google calendar, and all the rest – but the one thing left is that sync of my trusty T-Mobile MDA’s phonebook.  With the MDA at 2 years old, I’m soon to replace it too – and it’s likely not to be a Windows Mobile phone… so is it time?  Should my friends perform an intervention?  Can I do it?  Will I have get the shakes?  I’ll keep you posted. smile_wink

Addiction photo credit: Mr Gonzales

T-Mobile Wing – To Upgrade…or not

T-Mobile has finally released an upgrade to their popular MDA called the ‘Wing’.  I’ve been a happy T-Mobile MDA owner for well over a year and am trying to decide whether to upgrade to the Wing or wait for the next version.

The Wing is a nice upgrade, revamped keyboard with larger keys, Bluetooth 2.0, 2 Megapixel camera, and Windows Mobile 6.  What isn’t updated is the RAM/ROM, which really isn’t a problem, and the processor which runs at 200MHz.  The MDA has the same speed processor in it an can at times be really slow.  The other item that many, including myself, are missing is the 3G portion.  Yes, Tmo only has EDGE right now, and will use a different 3G frequency when they do roll UMTS and HSDPA later this year.

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New smartphone from HP

Hewlett Packard iPAQ 514 Voice MessengerI’m not sure that I really trust HP to produce a good phone… why is that?  I really enjoyed my HP iPaq h4155 a few years back, but everything since has been a disappointment.  Please note that I haven’t bought an HP mobile device since the 4155, so my opinions are solely based on limited-time tests, betas, and technical specs.

Trusted Reviews has a one (a review that is) on the new Hewlett Packard iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger which they rate as 8 out of 10 on an average.

Though the screen is a bit low on the resolution side (176×220 – how old school), it is a full 2″ diagonal screen.  Other features include a 1.3MP camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth.  It does have a quad-band radio with EDGE support, 200MHz processor, standard 64/128MB RAM/ROM, and microSD slot.

It does run Windows Mobile 6, so its not likely to be behind the OS feature curve for some time, but for me, the low resolution, standard “candy bar” layout, and lack of a QWERTY input device means that it will not be on my list any time soon.

Push Email with Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Mobile 6.0

Ah, now this’ll be a great feature for all WM6 based devices.  The ability of a free Hotmail account to push mail directly to your device is a great feature.  Now if they can retro-fit that back into WM5, I think everyone would be happy.  After all, WM5 has had the ability to perform this service with Exchange email systems since it shipped.

At least your next WM phone will have the capability!

Via: Being a new PM at MicrosoftPush Email with Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Mobile 6.0

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