Personal Branding Magazine – Issue 9

Personal Branding Magazine - Issue 9There’s a magazine I’ve been contributing to for almost three years, and if you’re looking for a great resource on personal branding and career growth, I highly recommend it!

Summary: Volume 3, Issue 3 is about becoming so important to your company, your customers and the people around you, that they can’t live without you. When that occurs, you’ll be making more money, have better relationships and wield a powerful personal brand. In this issue, Seth Godin reveals his hope for career revolutionaries who want to remain relevant in a world that is being transformed by the internet. Also, in this issue we explore how Guy Fieri has built his personal brand as a television personality on the food network and how NFL football player Jarvis Green has taken the leap into entrepreneurship.

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Here’s publisher Dan Schawbel on the latest issue:

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Defining Your Role

I want you to succeed.

Whatever it is you’re passionate about and want to do – I want you to succeed.

For many of us it’s our career.  You know that 9 to 5, Monday through Friday effort that allows us to support our families and obtain our dreams.  Yeah, that one.

There is something that I wanted to share on that front, and hopefully it’ll help a bit.  I want you to define your role.  Define your role in your department, and in the organization as a whole.  It could be in the company you work at today or the one you want to work for tomorrow.  You need to take an active part in defining what you offer, and what what you bring to the mix.

Don’t allow yourself to be typecast or pigeonholed.  Letting other people define the boundaries of where you’re supposed to participate or allowed to participate is unacceptable.  You alone have that right.

You have the ability set boundaries and goals.  You have control of the decisions that move you forward or backward.  By defining your role, you establish your voice.  By being vocal and establishing a presence, you have the means to share your perspectives and expertise in any situation your role lands you in.

Its not easy and it can be a little scary when first starting out, but the rewards are unending.  Its also up to you to fulfil the role you define, but that sholdn’t be difficult because the definition of success and failure is also within your control as well.

Take that step to define your role in life, in work, and in the success that you want.  Without figuring out what you want from your efforts, and what you want for your family, it’ll take a lot longer to get to your definition of success.

I want you to succeed.

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Little Details – Signatures

001: One Hundred Resolutions by darque9 Sometimes it’s the simple things that we overlook the most. For Personal Branding, this is occasionally the email signature. If you look over the most frequent and pervasive communications tools we have, email is still a top contender for the vast majority of folks.

With that in mind, anyone who has built a specific brand for themselves or for companies that are very brand aware, a custom email signature should be a “no brainer”. I’m surprised at how often folks tend to forget about this most basic of branding options. An email signature doesn’t have to be overly complex, or designed by a professional designer, though these are sometimes options.

On the simple side, just having a standard email signature in plain text can do wonders. It can have the basic contact information, including social network URLs if that’s desired. This works equally well for corporations as it does for individuals. For a large organization, it can allow for different telephone, cell, and fax numbers, but keeps a consistent layout and message to the recipients.

For more advanced or adventurous users, the ability to utilize HTML formatting and images makes for very impressive and robust brand statements. Going this route also allows for a picture for individual email accounts as well.

I’ve also found that having more than one custom signature is a plus. The number of sigs I use changes during the course of a year, but there are basically two that I use. One for personal emails and one for business emails. The personal one is quite simple, as I’m corresponding with people that already know me well and don’t need a constant reminder that I’m so-and-so.

The business signature is more professional and has contact information for practically any way a person can find to interact with me. Variations on the business sig for me range from the company I work for, a sig for “Social Media Breakfast” related emails, and a personal business sig. This allows me great flexibility to communicate specifically what I’m representing in that email.

Whatever route you choose to go, don’t hesitate to create your own customized email signature. Use your favorite search engine using “custom email signature” and you’ll have a number of options to help you through. So don’t leave this “low hanging fruit” on the tree – go get your sig together today.

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Personal Branding Mag – Issue 8

Personal Branding Magazine - Issue 8

Personal Branding Magazine - Issue 8

The latest issue of Personal Branding Magazine is available now at!  One of the most informative resources for building the brand of you, this month it focuses on female brands.  From publisher Dan Schawbel:

Volume 2, Issue 4 is dedicated to female brands and their impact
on business and our culture. Women have had massive opportunities through the internet to come together and share ideas. In this issue, we’ve
interviewed some of the brightest and most talented female brands on the
planet, including Sarah Austin, Laura Ries and Natalie Gulbis, to explore
what women are doing to make this world a better place. There are many tips and strategies for women who want to control their careers and command their futures, as well as for men who are looking to learn from these talented women.


  • 28 articles total covering female branding
  • General personal branding related topics
  • Interviews with: Sarah Austin, Natalie Gulbis, Laura Ries, Toby Bloomberg, Valeria Maltoni, and Anita Campbell
  • How to define yourself
  • The importance of personal brand consistency in social networking
  • Visit our new Facebook page

Dan Schawbel announces the new issue:

You can get get a year’s subscription to the magazine here.  If you’re not sure you want a full subscription, please check out the sample issue today!

Disclosure, I author the Social Media Explorer column for Personal Branding Magazine.

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