Social Media Breakfast – Twin Cites #11

Social Media Breakfast - Twin Cities Hi there, it’s time again for the next SMBMSP event here in the Twin Cities – our 11th event if you can believe it!

We’ll be talking about social media and how it can be used in job search. This is a hot topic during our current economic situation, and I’m sure there are a number of people who will benefit from the discussion.

Where: The “Doty” conference room at the Minneapolis Central Library (300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis , 55401)
When: January 30th, 8am to 10am
RSVP: Sign up on our Ning site (

We’ll have Paul DeBettignies (@MNHeadhunter) to talk about these things from a recruiter’s point of view.  Other folks with great ideas for using social media for job search are welcome to stand up and share them with the group.

We’ll also look at brainstorming ideas for our fellow SMBers and invite you to share job leads on our Forum here on our Ning site.

We’re working on sponsors, but currently this event may be BYOB.  We’ll keep you posted on that from the site, so you may want to check in there once or twice.  Or follow us on Twitter (@smbmsp) for updates.

So join us in taking our understanding of social media and applying it back to our own community for job search.

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Enabling Tweetbacks

image I’ve installed Dan Zarrella’s new Tweetbacks WordPress Plugin today, and will be monitoring it to see how well it works out.  I’ve seen a number of folks over the last week taking a close look at this new idea, and have always been trying out some of the cutting-edge Twitter tie-ins and tactics.

Have you tried out this new plug-in? What do you think?

Social Media Breakfast with Jeff Pulver

Jeff PulverGuess what, my social media friends in Minneapolis & St. Paul? Jeff Pulver is going to be hosting a Breakfast with Jeff Pulver and Friends here in the Twin Cities on Nov. 20th, courtesy of Best Buy.

In place of our regular Social Media Breakfast – Twin Cities, everyone is invited to join Jeff Pulver for breakfast at the Best Buy headquarters campus in Richfield, MN.  We’ve booked space in the large atrium dining & conference area at Best Buy called “Sandy’s Place” and will have room for quite a few more folks than we’ve had in the past.

coffee cupI’m glad to be able to work with Jeff and Best Buy to bring this opportunity to MSP – our social media community is quite active and has gotten a bit of notice these last few months. Jeff’s version of a social media breakfast will include a number of fun differences from our previous events such as live social tagging, and the personal social networking toolkit.


Registration for this event is through Facebook, which is probably the easiest way to keep up with Jeff Pulver in any case. This will require a registration process on Facebook if you don’t already have one, but if you’re at all interested in learning more about social media and social networking, you should have one anyway.

Click here to RSVP for the Minneapolis Breakfast on Facebook

Personal Social Networking Toolkit

Introducing the Personal Social Networking Toolkit There are some great things that Jeff does at each of his breakfasts, and has a video primer that will get up up to speed on Facebook, here.

There will be a social networking toolkit for each attendee, so be sure to check out the video above on how it all works.

While this is really Jeff’s breakfast, we’ll chalk this one up as SMB – Twin Cities 9, since this was the original timeframe for our event in November.  We’ll have the same opportunities for networking and sharing ideas, and trust me, Jeff is looking forward to meeting folks from Minneapolis & St. Paul and building relationships with the community here.

You can find Jeff Pulver on Facebook and his blog.

Photo credit: Jeff Pulver

Sponsored by Best Buy

Best Buy

Personal Branding in a Down Economy

How have you positioned yourself? Have you been building your brand? How are you prepared to take advantage of opportunities in a down economy?

While you listen to the gloom and doom of the mainstream media, naysayers, and general pessimists, remember that only you have control of your career. Just like leaving your financial future in someone else’s hands, doing so with your career is a recipe for disappointment or worse.

Perhaps your position at your company is secure, and you don’t have to worry much. Perhaps it’s anything but secure. Either way, the realities of today dictate that one takes a more proactive approach to staying relevant to your industry, and maintaining visibility in your market.

The great part is that both these things are quite easily accessible to everyone. All you have to do is take the initiative and begin. Sure true training courses by “certified” learning facilities cost real dollars and take up real business hours. However there are other alternatives – search them out on the web. You may already be doing this on a daily basis online or through RSS feeds.

The bigger part, though, is to be making sure to gain visibility in your market. To do that, you’ll need to explore the avenues of “web 2.0” and social media. The tools are plentiful, easy to use, and low to no cost. Most of the ones that give you the most value are going to be the no-cost options, with only your time as an investment.

The time investment is creating and maintaining your presence. It could be one site or network, or it could me many. The more involved you are in sharing information and ideas, the more likely you’ll be to gain both mindshare and authority within your market and industry.

The important thing about working towards this goal, is to make yourself more marketable, more appealing to potential employers and clients. So it’s important that you give examples of your expertise as much as possible. Don’t worry about giving away shared knowledge, every industry has a shared knowledge pool at every level of experience. You need to demonstrate that base knowledge and build upon it. Showing what makes you stand out in the process.

The demand for quality, well-rounded, experienced people never diminishes. The more polished your skills are, and the more people know about them, the more valuable & desirable you become to any organization. And you need to have those qualities visible to the public to take advantage of that next opportunity.

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