MinneBar 2008 – Recap

I was at MinneBar 2008 on Saturday and had another great experience.  Good people talking about Web2 development & design.  Peter Fleck and I also were able to present a session on “This Think Called Twitter” where we got the group talking about some of the social web.  Lots of great new Twitter friends to talk and work with in my hometown of Minneapolis!

For all the great organizational efforts of everyone at MinneBar, the U of M did a money grab and kept the WiFi closed.  It was the only negative of the entire unconference.  Too bad – I could have done more live-blogging of the sessions and the great vibe of the people attending.

Still, I came away very enthused because of the interest and excitement everyone seemed to have.  I’m looking forward to continuing to connect and build relationships in the social web with these folks.  We have a lot of great talent here in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area, so I know there is some great potential.

MinneBar – BarCamp Minnesota

I’ll be at MinneBar for most of the day today, so if you’re a Web2 developer, designer, thinker, head on over.  The event is free and has several breakout sessions.  I’ll be co-facilitating a session called This Thing called Twitter on Twitter & the Social Web with Peter Fleck of the U of M.


See you there!

Happiness CLXXV

Returning from an energetic, enriching event and finding it’s warmth has not ended.

Why Chris Garrett does NOT suck at speaking

SOBCON08 Sitting here at SOBCon08 and Chris Garrett just finished his session “More Bang from Your Blog”. His delivery of his presentation helped identify direction and focus for many of us who struggle in creating good content.

The challenge at the end of the session was to create a 5-minute post, something that Chris used during his presentation. You can find Chris Garrett at www.chrisg.com.

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