Surrounding Yourself for Success

CrowdKnowledgeable entrepreneurs do it all the time, why shouldn’t you?

We all know many knowledgeable people who help us navigate the pitfalls of career and life.  Many times it’s family, friends and co-workers – of which there’s nothing wrong with listening & learning from.

However, what if you seek out and select new or additional influencers to augment what you’ve inherited by default?  Basically, what if you got to select who you get to learn from?  Why aren’t you doing this already?

Every day we’re interacting with people who have something to share.  If they’re not sharing ideas and thoughts that move us forward, what inspiration or feedback are you getting? Look closer, I believe there is something more there than you expect.

I suggest that you get out and start connecting with peers and experts in your field.  (That’s called networking to you and me.)  In the end, you’ll find folks who want to work with you, share with you, and learn from you.  That’s the reward by the way, transfer of knowledge, sharing of experiences, the ability to learn form others experience and make something better with them in the end.

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Personal Branding Magazine – Issue 9

Personal Branding Magazine - Issue 9There’s a magazine I’ve been contributing to for almost three years, and if you’re looking for a great resource on personal branding and career growth, I highly recommend it!

Summary: Volume 3, Issue 3 is about becoming so important to your company, your customers and the people around you, that they can’t live without you. When that occurs, you’ll be making more money, have better relationships and wield a powerful personal brand. In this issue, Seth Godin reveals his hope for career revolutionaries who want to remain relevant in a world that is being transformed by the internet. Also, in this issue we explore how Guy Fieri has built his personal brand as a television personality on the food network and how NFL football player Jarvis Green has taken the leap into entrepreneurship.

If you’re simply curious and would like to sample the magazine rather than a full subscription, check out the sample issue here:

Full subscriptions ( 50% of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society) and all the information about contributing authors and guest writers is available here:

Here’s publisher Dan Schawbel on the latest issue:

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Defining Your Role

I want you to succeed.

Whatever it is you’re passionate about and want to do – I want you to succeed.

For many of us it’s our career.  You know that 9 to 5, Monday through Friday effort that allows us to support our families and obtain our dreams.  Yeah, that one.

There is something that I wanted to share on that front, and hopefully it’ll help a bit.  I want you to define your role.  Define your role in your department, and in the organization as a whole.  It could be in the company you work at today or the one you want to work for tomorrow.  You need to take an active part in defining what you offer, and what what you bring to the mix.

Don’t allow yourself to be typecast or pigeonholed.  Letting other people define the boundaries of where you’re supposed to participate or allowed to participate is unacceptable.  You alone have that right.

You have the ability set boundaries and goals.  You have control of the decisions that move you forward or backward.  By defining your role, you establish your voice.  By being vocal and establishing a presence, you have the means to share your perspectives and expertise in any situation your role lands you in.

Its not easy and it can be a little scary when first starting out, but the rewards are unending.  Its also up to you to fulfil the role you define, but that sholdn’t be difficult because the definition of success and failure is also within your control as well.

Take that step to define your role in life, in work, and in the success that you want.  Without figuring out what you want from your efforts, and what you want for your family, it’ll take a lot longer to get to your definition of success.

I want you to succeed.

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2009 – The Long Road

Its been a long time since I really posted a personal post on what really is a personal blog.  I’ve been wondering why that’s the case, and I’m sure you have too.  Honesty I don’t know that is, but I do want to figure it out.

2009 has been a wild ride for me, with many highs and luckily only a few lows.  The rapid and exciting growth of SMBMSP here in Minneapolis & St. Paul has been rewarding, yet stressful.  The work at Land O’Lakes as their Social Media Strategist is similar but for vastly different reasons.  The amount of work involved in each is daunting and keeps me engaged.  For that I’m grateful.

On the personal side of things, life has again been good though recently my wife has started having some heart palpitations that have me worried.  It’s worse for me because I just don’t know all the medical things that go on or what they mean.  Yeah, I’m a pretty typical male when it comes to medical things – just don’t pay attention as well as I should.  We’re still finding out more about this and it’ll be a learning experience as we adapt to new lifestyle needs.

I’ve been quiet around here for awhile, and I don’t have a reason or message as to why.  This year has been a challenge and I neglected making the time to share information and ideas.  The past week, I’ve started posting on my Happiness series again.  Mostly because of recent events, but partly because I liked them so much.  They have little to do with social media in business, which is where my specialty in social media is going, but proved to be an important part of my inspiration in 2008, so they’ll be making a comeback.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next couple months.  More writing is on my todo list, but more important is taking things to the next level.  I guess that’s what I’m here to invite you to do as well.  Its time to make the next step on all levels.  Enough of working within the confines of the current norms.  Are you ready to step up the pace?  Ready for the challenge?  I hope you join me on the journey as we plan for and enter 2010.  I hope to share a few new and exciting things in the coming weeks as we close out this year, and begin to cap off the decade next year.  Until tomorrow my friends.

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