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A longtime staple of many social media professionals is to share what they read, what they find and the resources they use every day.  I’m not different, and have been sharing this information for the better part of a decade.

Over the years, I’ve used Google Reader (still a staple), Tumblr, Posterous, Read It Later, InstaPaper, BlogLines, StumbleUpon,, Digg, and many others that I’ve since forgotten (sorry!).  In fact, earlier this year I wrote a similar post pointing out that I had More Resources To Share.

Since then the work involved to share to so many different sources, along with the changing landscape of browser experimentation (my fault for using Firefox and Chrome) with their different sharing plugins takes way too long.  To add to the complexity, I’ve added several dozen feeds to my daily reading list, even after cleaning out many non-essential feeds.

I’ve made it simple. Finally. At least for me it is and I hope it is for you as well.

Google Reader is still my mainstay for sharing – everything that I think may be of interest to others is found here.  By everything, I mean everything – social media, mobile technology, android stuff, apple stuff, microsoft stuff, and many other topics.  If you’re connected to me via Google you’ll see it in your “People You Follow” portion of your own Google Reader.  Otherwise, you can find it here:

Posterous is the main place I’ll take time and post social media related items that I think are very relevant for anyone in the field.  These articles and posts might be on business use, marketing, communications, tools, news and so on.  You can find this fee at:

Finally, I do still bookmark some items at There’s really no rime or reason to those, but it may be useful, so here it is:

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Doing It Wrong

Sometimes you have to write, even if it’s wrong.  I’m not sure if this is right or wrong, but not sharing ideas, thoughts, mistakes, and successes with you surely is wrong.  That’s what I’m hoping to change.

I’ve kept from posting for who knows what reasons.  I know I can’t explain it well.  So I’m not making promises about regular posting and I’m not suggesting any new directions with my blog here.  I do know that I’ve been holding back and that’s the one thing I am going to change.

Will I still blog about corporate social media, or challenges therein?  Sure, but I think, no I know, there are a number of topics that I want to chime in on, but haven’t felt like I should.  I don’t know where or when any of those will pop up, but I do know that it begins now.

Happiness with Headway

'Big Bubble' by h.koppdelaney's I’m so tickled with myself after getting something done yesterday that I can’t help but post about it.  I finally was able to split out my Happiness series of posts from the main blog feed, populating them on their own page here on the blog.

Longtime readers will remember I started posting almost-daily on things that occurred to me at the time.  Mostly these were a sentence or two on something that made my day, or made me smile, or something along those lines.  I’ve not done many this year (or late last year) because of workload and such.  I also started refraining from posting these nuggets because I didn’t want to dilute the message I am trying to share on the blog.

So moving these posts to their own page was what I wanted to do.  What really made this possible, since I’m not a PHP/WordPress coding guru, was using the Headway Theme.  This great skinnable theme framework let me slice and dice the post feed in multiple ways.  One of them being I can exclude a category from the main feed, and put it on another page.  I know, I know, there’s many ways to do this, but this was within my reach and more importantly… it worked!  Thanks to the folks over at Headway Themes and their support staff for helping answer a couple of questions.  Now I can publish those Happiness posts right to the main blog feed and not worry if their going to the right place.


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