Some question why I stick with T-Mobile when there are so many other choices.  Many mobile service providers have better phone selections or provide faster mobile data services.

One of the reasons is that the service I get from their support teams is unmatched.  The other big reason is the very competitive pricing compared to the other national carriers.  3G will come along in due time – I have no desire (or the pocketbook) to pay bleeding-edge prices for mobile data.  I’ve also got the phone that I had been waiting nearly 5 years for.

Though, 2007 seems like it will be a great year for T-Mobile again as they have the wireless spectrum to roll out 3G services.  They are also focusing on bringing the best phones in price/performance to their lineup.  Their work on getting the BlackBerry Pearl, and the Windows Mobile based Dash are examples of this.  Affordable phones that fit the needs of their customers, not just the 1% that want’s the latest phone to hit the FCC website.

My T-Mobile MDA will be a year old in March, though I have been using one since Oct. 2005.  It has been everything that I’d ever wanted in a phone since PDAs started morphing into the phone category.  And with T-Mobile’s continued effort in customer satisfaction, I’ll remain a Tmo customer with their upcoming network upgrades and phone selection.

Via: Wireless WeekT-Mobile Ranks Highest in Customer Service. Again.

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