T-Mobile MDAOk, here is the phone I’ve been waiting for.  T-Mobile’s version of the HTC Wizard – the MDA.  Neat device, I was able to test this very unit back in October/November.

It has EDGE Quad-Band services which are much faster than straight GPRS bandwidth.  The keyboard is a trade-off, but I was able to adapt quite quickly to it.  The screen is razor sharp, bright and clear, sound quality was good, phone quality as well.

One handed operation was a little iffy – and was the source of most of my suggestions on improving the product.  We’ll see if they incorporated any suggestions.  The pull-mail features of Pocket Outlook were fantastic – I had it pulling mail every 15 minutes for 5 accounts.  I also had a number of software packages that pulled data from the ‘Net on a regular basis as well – like weather, news and such.

Performance suffered a little with the 200MHz processor, but I think a person can adapt what they run.  Overall a good phone when a person makes an effort to adapt to the device a little.

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