Wow, finally got the new T-Mobile MDA, stopped by a Tmo store on Saturday and picked it up. Since I tested it last October/November, its changed little. It seems a bit more responsive than the test unit I worked with, the “My Email” configuration utility works, and the unit appears more stable than before as well.

Not a lot has changed, I’ll have to go from memory on the earlier unit, and as with all HTC built devices that I have worked with, the build-quality is very good. Also in the intervening 4 months, a number of third party software packages have had multiple revisions for Windows Mobile 5, and the phone edition in particular. So many of my favorite software packages that were performance hogs, or quite “flaky” before, now work rather well.

In the last 16 hours, I’ve installed:

  • WisBar Advanced 2 (by Lakeridge Software)
  • PocketBreeze 5 (by SBSH Software)
  • ContactBreeze (by SBSH Software)
  • iLauncher (by SBSH Software)
  • Pocket Weather (by SBSH Software)
  • ThinkOutside Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse Drivers (by ThinkOutside)

One of the best things that I’ve found so far is that both my ThinkOutside Bluetooth keyboard and mouse work at the same time on this device – something that their earlier drivers in October 2005 did not do. That in combination with the landscape display mode, EDGE or WiFi connectivity, and an improved Internet Explorer really make a difference for quick but useful web browsing.

The wireless capabilities of the device are very important, with Bluetooth for personal device connectivity, Quad-band GPRS/EDGE, 802.11b/g WiFi it can adapt to the best connection available. The built-in slide out keyboard as well really makes a big difference when trying to answer an email on the go, and the existing mail client is adequate allowing multiple POP or IMAP Inboxes.

Another nice piece is the ability to tether a latop off this device while traveling with EDGE service – it allows the device to act as a modem for the larger computer, something that Verizon has only recently started to allow.

Overall, I’m pleased with the minor improvements and am glad to have purchased this device. As the MDA was back in October when I tested it, it is impressive in its capabilities and form.

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