So it looks like TMo is getting the UMA (Universal Mobile Access) thing moving!  Good to see, they seem to be the first wireless carrier to move in this direction.

Of course with their T-Mobile HotSpot service, this is a natural fit to leverage the investment in both GSM and WiFi networks.  At least the information I was presented with a few months ago alluded to using the phones on the HotSpot network as well as home & unsecured wireless access points.

This is also interesting because of Sprint’s latest announcement that they will be using WiMax as their 4G platform.  Its not that WiFi and WiMax are that close in technology, its that true broadband networking solutions are being used for wireless communication services on a large scale.

And it further proves that the ubiquitous Ethernet standard is exactly what the information age needed during the 80s/90s to develop cheap, quality, plentiful networking capabilities.

HooHoo!  Go TMo go!

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Link to T-Mobile Begins UMA Trials (Phone Scoop)

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