CrowdKnowledgeable entrepreneurs do it all the time, why shouldn’t you?

We all know many knowledgeable people who help us navigate the pitfalls of career and life.  Many times it’s family, friends and co-workers – of which there’s nothing wrong with listening & learning from.

However, what if you seek out and select new or additional influencers to augment what you’ve inherited by default?  Basically, what if you got to select who you get to learn from?  Why aren’t you doing this already?

Every day we’re interacting with people who have something to share.  If they’re not sharing ideas and thoughts that move us forward, what inspiration or feedback are you getting? Look closer, I believe there is something more there than you expect.

I suggest that you get out and start connecting with peers and experts in your field.  (That’s called networking to you and me.)  In the end, you’ll find folks who want to work with you, share with you, and learn from you.  That’s the reward by the way, transfer of knowledge, sharing of experiences, the ability to learn form others experience and make something better with them in the end.

Picture courtesy of kalieye

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