social-networking I’ll admit my original interest in having a Facebook profile was part of the fad. Going along with all the other cool kids at the time, racing towards that socially-connected future that promises so much.

Along the way, I’ve been duped by nearly every cockamamie “app” that’s been launched on Facebook. Or at least it seems that way. Very few have been of any real use. Most were a large waste of my time.

So I just wanted to let my Facebook “friends” know I’m stripping out all the useless Facebook apps from my profile. My intention is not to insult anyone who’s invited me to use an app. My plan is simply to trim down the mess, clutter, and useless apps so I can actually make sense of my Facebook page again. And no, I won’t be accepting new apps that don’t add real value.

Are all those apps really bringing you any value beyond entertainment?

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