I’m having some weird things happen on my work laptop – again! While connected to VPN, the network stack will lock up! The system will eventually hang and force a reboot. After rebooting, the system, I’m finding a number of things aren’t working but their status in Computer Manager is “OK”. This isn’t a Windows issue either – it is a 3rd party issue whether driver or software and I’ve had the problem for most of this year! I’ve had this happen about 6 time now and each time I end up installing a backup image of the PC. There simply is no error logs, messages or other areas in the software and system to point me to a solution. Googling the web and following up on many forums has lead nowhere. Working with the vendors has simply ended in fingerpointing between them, and then usually finally at MS whose problem it isn’t.

Frustrated beyond belief – guess I re-image…again.

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