Ah, still have a few days of vacation left – through the end of this week actually. With the prospect of a "Monday" on the work horizon, I’m trying to tie up my Christmas vacation with some productive personal projects. I’ve updated the AC website slightly with a few minor changes, one of which was the addition of my Dell Business Partner links (finally). There are still some PDFs that need to be created, and a few service details to fill out, but its coming together.

On my blogger site, I’ve been really busy – strange for me because keeping on top of a blog and regular posting has never been natrual for me. Even though I fall into the "Gen X" age group, the technology itself has always interested me rather than the use of technology. Anyway, my blogging has turned more into a headline site rather than deep insights and I’m thinking of modifying the name of the blog from "Rick’s Ramblings" to something that fits the content better.

Well, work will be a new adventure when I get back this coming Monday. There is quite a bit of work to get done on our Windows image upgrade project, and we will have our entire group toghether in town for a quarterly meeting. Some new tasks for me are to work more towards mentoring and coaching – a bit more dificult as it is not a task that I have had to focus on previously. At any rate, it will be a growth opportunity for me, and any challenge can be exciting.

More in a few days.

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