The Winding Road Hi! Sorry I’m not posting as frequently as I had been. I’m working on that, but am a bit sidetracked with my current client in Minneapolis. Its funny how some clients can take up not just time, but more importantly energy from your normal pursuits.

Sometimes it’s hard to work at client sites, where you don’t have the connectivity, or freedom, or time to keep up with the daily routine. Other times it’s just a rollercoaster of energy absorption that the client takes up so I don’t have any left for personal endeavors.  Its a really frustrating experience when I think about it.

So, I’m trying to “partition” my client work from my personal work. That was something I thought I had gotten a handle on awhile ago, but must have forgot somewhere along the way.  At any rate, as I work through rebalancing my work/personal time, I’ll be working on posting here on the blog again.

Stay tuned.

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