'REBOOT!' by Magnus So you’ve drained all your energy on social media and don’t know what direction to go next?  Don’t fear my hard workin’ friend!  The next step is closer than that notebook you’re drooling on.  Come on!  Wake up!  You’re makin’ us look bad.

I know you’ve been trying to take it to the next level and figure out how to break into the blogging stratosphere alongside the Brogan’s and Scoble’s of the world.  Of course, the reality is that getting to that level is through a LOT of hard work.  A never-ending job of reading, learning, tweeting, researching, writing, blogging, writing, and (hopefully) consulting.  All to become really good at what you do.  As any expert, and they’ll describe the same type of thing.  Long hours, following their passion on a topic that they want to share as much as learn about.

So you’ve been writing about social media, talking & tweeting with the rest of the flock about social media.  What’s the next step for you to make your mark?

Find something else to talk about.

Seriously, I’m not trying to be a smartass about this.  You stumbled upon (heh, get it 😉 ) social media and something clicked, but you came from doing something else.  I’m not saying there isn’t space to explore social media as a career.  What I am saying is that its nothing more than a set of tools to better communicate.  You need to use these tools to better interact with folks either in your industry or the genre that fits your passions.

  • Social Media allows you to listen to customers better and faster.
  • Social Media allows you to start, and join in conversations with customers.
  • Social Media can be a new teambuilding tool.
  • Social Media are tools of change for those looking to affect change.

So if you still have dreams of being a blogging superstar, make sure that you find your niche and get started sharing your knowledge.  That’s one of the values of social media – sharing what you know in a way that helps other folks, but also brings more folks to your doorstep.

Good luck my friend, and don’t let the keyboard leave marks on your forehead!


Photo credit: Magnus

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