Social Media in real life

SMB-TC6 is coming together quickly and seems to have a theme: social media in real life! We’ve got many great things happening that really show how social media is changing everything we do.  From writing books, to our political process, social media is transforming social interaction, bringing more interactivity and a voice to more people.

I didn’t plan on this, but as the event materialized, we ended up with a theme of sorts: social media in real life.  The agenda is full of it – we’re writing a chapter of a book, we’re learning of new tools by their creators, we’re talking with citizen journalists at the kickoff of a major political conference… all these things are part of the lives of our community. We get to share these things, and make them even better. At least, that’s my thoughts as we finish pulling this together.

We have a very special event at this SMB: live-writing a chapter of Pioneer Press Journalist Julio Ojeda-Zapata’s new book Twitter Means Business – How microblogging can help or hurt your company. How will this work? We’ll be using Twitter of course! The project kicks off on Monday August 18th, 2008 and runs through Friday, August 22nd at SMB-TC6! More details on this from Julio (@jojeda) shortly!

Also, we have a new sponsor this month: MarketWire (thank them for the bacon ;).

Ok, on to the details:

Location: Best Buy HQ in Richfield, MN (map link)

Date: August 22nd, 2008

RSVP on Upcoming*: SMB-TwinCities 6

  • Julio Ojeda-Zapata (@jojeda on Twitter) will talk about his upcoming book Twitter Means Business – How microblogging can help or hurt your company
  • Participate in live-writing a chapter to Julio’s new book on Twitter, we’ll wrap that up live at SMB-TC6! Read more here!
  • Live remote update from Noah Kunin (@noahkunin on Twitter) of from the first day of the DNC in Denver, CO. Noah will be demonstrating how social media, specifically mobile video, is being used for citizen journalism.
  • Phil Wilson (@Philson on Twitter) talks about ComicTwit
  • Bring your conversation topics and share your knowledge of Social Media
  • Complimentary continental breakfast (I’m working on the bacon!)
  • Celebrate a half a year of SMBs in Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Watch remotely via our new video channel on Mogulus: Have a webcam – let us know and we will try some remote Q&A too!
  • As always, additional agenda item suggestions are welcomed!

New video feed on Mogulus:

* Due to requirements at Best Buy, we do require an RSVP prior to the event. Remember, the event is no cost!

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