SMB-TwinCitiesHey everyone, we finally have concrete news on the next Twin Cities Social Media Breakfast. SMB-TC3 will be held at Concordia University in St. Paul on May 16th.

After the fantastic turnout & and small space of the last event, we’ve been looking for a better space for the next one. It seems like there aren’t a lot of places that had what we seem to need for our event. Namely, larger space for 20 or more people, WiFi, centrally located, access to public transportation, and food/coffee.

All the spaces that did have enough space were actual conference facilities that start costing real money. Since this is a free event, we have no good way of paying of a larger space.

So, luckily, a number of people offered to check with the places they work at and we suddenly had a few options. The one that worked out first was at Concordia. Jason DeBoer-Moran works in the IT department at Concordia and was able to arrange a true, full-featured conference room for us to use. It meets all the needs of the group, save the one thing that makes for a good breakfast… food.

So, we’ll be bringing in food ourselves. Anyone who would like to donate a box of bagels, doughnuts, coffee, or fruit tray is welcome to bring it with you, or contact me to coordinate making that happen. Simply direct-message me via Twitter, email me (rickmahn at, or message me via the MSBMSP Ning site if you want to “donate-a-doughnut”.


So what’s going on at this event? Quite a bit for sure! Since there is open WiFi, space, projection equipment, and (did I mention) space we can do quite a bit.

  • Demo of Cullect by Garrick Van Buren
  • Shared Feeds & the need for better filters
  • What exactly is Social Media – a continuing discussion
  • We’ll have a live video feed and will be include the remote folks via the overhead projection. At least we’ll try and hope it works.


You can RSVP at: (requires simple registration)

We’ll be in the Library Technology Center Room 215 for the event. Here’s the location information:

Concordia University - St. Paul The Concordia University Library Technology Center is located on the north side of the campus, near Concordia Avenue and directly east of the Pearson Theater. The Library Technology Center’s physical address is 1282 Concordia Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104
Campus map:


Get an (original) copy of the campus map at:
On this map, The Library Technology Center is building 25, and parking can be found in lots A, B, E, & H.

I look forward to seeing everyone there! Our Social Media Breakfast Network at now has 50 members and I’d love to see as many people make it in person or via video as possible.

UPDATE: Fixed the date above, the real date is May 16th. Sorry for any confusion!

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