SMB-TC I’d like to let my fellow SMBer’s  in Minneapolis & St. Paul know about the next SMB-TC event!  It’ll be held at the Caribou Coffee in Roseville, just off Snelling Ave.  They’ve got a dedicated conference room that may be more conducive to being able to talk with everyone, working WiFi, and great coffee.

Although the room is smaller as it holds ~12 people or so, I think it may let us have better ability to talk without having to play musical chairs.  I’m interested in all feedback on this one as I’m going to try to find a similar, larger venue for the May event when we may have some folks from out-state MN join us!  So if you can’t make this one, I hope to have the details for the May event all figured out in the next week or so.

You can sign up using the Upcoming Event page:

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