social-media I’m thinking of putting together the first Social Media Breakfast (SMB) in Minneapolis & St. Paul. Who’s interested? This would be a gathering to brainstorm solutions for our concerns and projects on restaurant social media.

Well, I’m interested in making this happen, but I’d like to know how many would be able to make it. Here are some thoughts and questions – in no order at all.

  • Do people prefer a downtown location or a suburban location?
  • Early morning (7ish) or mid morning (8-10ish)?
  • Is WiFi required?
  • Depending on location, can folks from surrounding areas of the Metro or out-state MN able to make it?
  • Any preference on local MN restaurant, national chain, or traditional meeting space?
  • Suggestions for discussion topics welcome – what do you want to talk about, or learn about?
  • Interested in a speaker? Suggestions?
  • Ideas or suggestions on sponsors? This is not necessary of course, but may be useful to some organizations looking for social media talent and resources.
  • Weekday or weekend?

Well, those are my “random thoughts” on the topic. I’m going to scout some locations to host us, but would like to know the rough interest so I have an idea of size.

UPDATE: If you are interested, simply leave a comment, or if you prefer, email me at 😉

UPDATE II: Guess I should mention that his is an offshoot of Bryan Person’s Social Media Breakfast – Boston series.  It’s official website is at

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