Alright, I finally went and did it this past weekend.  I’ve gone ahead with my idea of creating a snowmobiling focused blog, called Snowmoblog.

So I thought I didn’t have time to write on one blog, eh, well now there’ll be two to keep up.  In all honesty, the idea keeps me going.  Work sucks, and I needed a creative outlet that I have a great passion about.  The fun part (I’m hoping) is to have that outlet and be able to talk about blogging, web, and technical related things here at  If you are into snowmobiling, check it out over the next few weeks – its in a rough form right now, but it will start coming together as I work out the kinks.

Snowmoblog is powered by WordPress, and I’ve got a temporary 3-column theme that will work for now, though I’ll be working on a custom theme for that site as well as this one in my spare time.  The hard part will be the graphics, as I’ve mentioned before, it is just outside my capabilities sometimes so I may need to outsource that part.

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