six apart This is one of those products that I believe will help move blogging into corporate America.  With software features like LDAP authentication and enterprise-class support contracts, Six Apart is positioning it’s Movable Type blogging platform to fit into corporate-minded IT shops.

Corporate IT is usually religious in its zeal to secure and “normalize” any technology.  Don’t get me wrong, the IT departments that do it right usually have less down-time and increased productivity from their IT systems.  They just suck the soul out of a product in the process.

With a made-for-enterprise approach from one of the top blogging software purveyors, corporate blogging can begin to be rolled out in the traditionally controlled environments.  Hopefully, MT will be able to bring even more conservative types into the blogosphere.

Read more at the link below.

Via: Read/Write Web – Movable Type Enterprise 1.5 Launched

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