twitter So Andrew Baron has his Twitter account for sale on ebay?  Can anyone tell me what the point of this exercise is?  Other than a money grab that is.

I mean, who among his followers would keep following the account when they discover it’s not actually him?  So that negates the value of his follower list – without that the account has no monetary value.

Heck, any one of us can go and build a “Fake Andrew Baron” Twitter account and follow the same people that the real one does.  Then go sell it on eBay for half the price the “real” account goes for.  In the end, it’s essentially the same account.

Just for fun, I should start creating “Fake <famous blogger here>” accounts, following the same people that the real person does and sell them on eBay.  The absurdity of it all just stuns me to the core.

Andrew, if you’re that hard up for cash, maybe you should take up a paper route… it builds character, at least it did in my case. 😛

What’s your take on this?  Seriously?

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