While I’ve unsubscribed from Dave’s Scripting News feed for the time being, I also have to give him kudos for developing and describing the River of News view.  Over the past 2+ years that I’ve been using RSS for news consumption, I’ve tried about 10 or so different readers, out of which I ended up with Pluck for at least a year and a half.

This summer, however, I started playing around at other readers again and ran across a post somewhere espousing the benefits of Google Reader.  So I tried it, and liked it – a lot.  I’d tried several River of News views before, but GReader seems to hit the sweet spot for me.  Reading and marking posts in GReader’s “All Items” view (by newest) is the most efficient way for me to read feeds now – I can’t even go back to feed-by-feed reading any longer.

Also, after reading Scoble’s use of GReader’s sharing feature, I also discovered my own personalized Link Blog.  Neat how that works – if anyone is interested in what I’m reading, they can simply view my link blog.  Its the actual posts I read from my list of feeds.

Via: Scobleizer – Dave Winer was right about river reading

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