Ewen 'the juggler' Sturgeon by Andy Tyler So you’ve got a blog, or maybe a Facebook page, or another profile on a social network or new media site somewhere out there.  Do you regularly post or update it? If so, it’s likely you have a community around it, whether or not you realize it.

You may have people who want to learn from you or share ideas with you.  Are you prepared to take on that opportunity?  You should because these folks are your greatest fans and can be part of your own brand/PR army that goes out doing the grass-roots efforts you would never think of.

Its especially critical for businesses in these tough times, to learn these methods and reward your community for being part of the team.  They’re there to help, even more than to cheer you on – all they want is to be involved.

Microsoft figured this out over a decade ago with their MVP (Most Valuable Person) distinction.  They discovered early adopters were talking about their products in forums and chat rooms.  Instead of trying to control this critical group, the decided to engage them.  By equipping them with additional tools and information, they were able to seed the market with knowledgeable, respected people.  These people gave honest reviews, constructive criticism, and in general, useful feedback that the company then rolled into new product design.

Does your company do something like this?  Have you  really thought about rewarding your community?  Why wait, start today by reaching out as yourself and not in the name of the company.  Start sharing your experiences, challenges and success with theirs goes a long way to being part of that community, and from there, you can all do so much more.

Good luck!

Photo credit: Andy Tyler

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