So I’m really sad to see Robert leave Microsoft. He has done more for the company than any other person except Gates himself.

The blogosphere has been talking about this all weekend, but I only ran across it on Sunday evening. Reading all the posts about the news, there seems to be a growing consensus that Microsoft is the “loser” in this deal – and to be sure, there currently is no one at Microsoft that can replace what Robert delivered in his position.

The Interesting part is that you could see this decision coming. I mean, this isn’t quite the surprise it seems to be made out to be. If you look back over the last three months or so on his blog, you can quite clearly see that something has been niggling at Robert. You could almost see that he sensed a life change was approaching, and with the passing of his mother last month, it shifted into high gear.

I’m glad for Robert’s move to a new position in a new company, that is focused on a new medium. There are a lot of “news” in there, but I expect that this is what Robert was looking for. So good luck to Robert Scoble on his next adventure!

Robert posts on it here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Microsoft Monitor posts about Microsoft Blogs today as well, and gives some great recommendations on other important Microsoft bloggers.

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