Sorry not to have posted for awhile, I’ve had the last two weeks off work during the move and some extra time to myself.  The last few days I’ve actually left the computer off and got out a little bit.

Amy and I explored the downtown area and got our daughter set up in her new school.  Ah, the kids grow up so fast – not enough time to spend with them some times.

So next week its back to work, back to the grind.  It’ll be nice to get back in the grove, get in touch with everyone at work and get moving forward on some of the projects again.

I’ve got some work to do on my commute as well – back to driving at least 30 minutes one way.  I’ve been contemplating some alternatives, but will be using our old Ranger pickup for now.  It’ll be a decent winter commuter, but by spring I hope to move to something a bit better on gas – and more fun.  I’m thinking a motorcycle, not sure what yet exactly.

Anyway, I found that having a lot more time on my hands, I spent less blogging.  Not too bad – actually had some fun the last two weeks in addition to the work of moving.  I’ve just got to get back up to speed on news and such, haven’t read a thing during the break.

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