I’ve become very fond of Box.net in a rather short period of time. It seems like there is tons of data on my systems at home, but as I go through all the bits piled on various hard drives, laptops, removable cards and such, I’m finding that I have very little that I could not recreate (CD/DVD tracks, downloaded installers, etc…). When I look at the bulk of what is really critical that I not loose, it is only a few GBs. So I’ve copied much of it up to my Box.net account. I’ll probably pull the trigger on one of the premium accounts soon as I do have more than 1GB of data to keep.

What I really like about Box.net is that I’ve finally got an off-site, secure repository for my data. I can back up all my web sites to this repository and greatly reduce any concerns that I’ll loose anything on any of the sites. Very handy.

Thanks Box.net!

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