So I’m at the Microsoft Vista Launch event in Minneapolis today and I’m reminded just how powerful mobile technology is. It’s been a very productive morning already, and that was before the keynote started about an hour ago.

I’m on my second blog post, have checked my 5 email accounts, managed some comment spam, managed email spam, read several RSS feeds, and have taken a number of notes. Not to mention registrer for at least 3 Zune give aways. All this was accomplished with mobile technology.

With my T-Mobile MDA & it’s wireless EDGE Internet access (yes its fast enough, I get > 128kbs), Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse, I can literally accomplish everything I need when traveling. The Opera browser is key to some sites working well, but even PIE does an admerable job in getting many things done.

At the conference, almost all of the vendor prize registrations were done with PPC based bar code scanners, with wireless connections. The one’s that weren’t were the old-style business card bucket technology. 🙂

But seriously, there is a line for the public internet terminals, and I (along with several others) have either their PPC, Palm, or UMPC out and in use during the keynote. Very, very productive.

And fun!


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