This morning I’m at the Microsoft Launch Tour 2007 event “Ready for a new day”. This is the Windows Vista and Office 2007 launch event. This one is at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The registration is enormous, I’ve not seen so many people at a launch event in MN before. The VisualStudio 2005 event last year was almost this big, but this is much bigger.

The keynote starts in about 15 minutes and the registration line is still the length of the building. Good thing I always get in early! The swag from the vendors is mediocre, but the content of the presentations should be good.

I’ll snap a few pics and get more info as the day goes on. As for presentations, there are three “tracks”, one for IT Pros, one for Management, and one for developers. I’ll be attending some of each throughout the day.

More later, need more coffee.


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