Release the pressure by Scribblings of Light I have to take a minute and talk about the atmosphere that I’ve been working in as a consultant for the last eight months.  It’s  been an unbelievable stressful environment.  Why have I stuck with it?  Guess I’ve fallen into that rut of feeling like I need to be “responsible” and keep the nose to the grindstone – or something like that.

The reality, of course, is that this particular contract has taken more of my time, energy, and attention to participate in this environment.  More than I would like to admit to friends and family – though they can probably tell from my blogging tempo at the very least.

That’s the rub too isn’t it?  Coworkers who’ve been in their particular pressure cooker don’t see it for what it really is.  Or is it easier from an outside perspective to criticize what you perceive is wrong and how it contributes the behaviors you observe?

At any rate, I’m finding the pressure of my current contract to be more than I desire to maintain.  There are options to follow up on, and directions to pursue.  Despite the news you hear from the mainstream media, there just seems to be an avalanche of opportunities out there if you’re watching for them.

So instead of stewing here in the juices of an unhappy circumstance, I’m off to change the future once again.  Why don’t you join me?

Photo credit: Scribblings of Light

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