SBSH Software has released PocketWeather 1.2.4 which is mainly a bug fix to all 1.2.x releases.

The list of fixes includes:

  • Removed “Display” tab from setup – moved location rotation to general setup tab
  • Corrected issue where today screen was not drawing/redrawing under certain conditions
  • Removed startup notification service which was causing errors on WM2005 devices when the OS was attempting to run pwcmstub.exe too early.
  • Added better shutdown handling so that in future, if installing while an updating process is taking place should cause the updater to terminate to avoid the “in-use” warning/error
  • Update/refresh process now handled by smaller pwupdater.exe
  • Corrected 1st January current condition bug
  • Added earthquake details
  • Corrected earthquake map calibration to better position reporting quakes
  • More translation work for setup pages

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