A few months ago I shared a playlist called Darker Shade of Lunacy, and I said I’d share a few more playlists as I finished putting them together. The truth is that I get them done when I damn well feel like it.

So this one for live U2 tracks has been done for several weeks, but I finally made time to share it with you. Frankly, with U2 you can’t go wrong with arranging them in whatever order you like. In this case, I’ve attempted to arrange them chronologically. You can judge how well I’ve done. Also, since U2 doesn’t have a lot of live albums out there, they tend to be from a handful, and mostly follow how they’re laid out on those albums.

In any case, I’ve tweaked the arrangement to my liking and thought I’d share them with you. I happen to use Google Play Music, and that’s where the following links to.

U2 Live! - Google Play Music Playlist

Title: U2 Live!

Description: My favorite U2 live tracks arranged mostly chronologically to my liking. Enjoy!

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