Well, after wondering for several weeks how to leverage the tagging feature of WordPress 2.3, I’ve finally started using it.  It helped to learn that Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer was fully supported for tagging use in WordPress v2.3.1 release last month.

The trick for WLW, is to use the "keywords" field of the post entry properties (shown below).  WordPress 2.3.1 will pick those keywords up as the tags for the post.

Windows Live Writer - Post Properties

While this isn’t the exact integration I was thinking of, it certainly allows me to use the internal tagging features of WordPress and also let’s me set tags to Technorati (and others) as well.

So now you’ll find two kinds of tags on nearly all my posts.  I’d love to know if this is worthwhile to anyone or if it’s overkill.

Two kinds of tags on my posts

And speaking of tags, blogging pal Steven Hodson has a post on tags today as well – but from a different perspective.  Worth a read.

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