Pictures I've taken, hopefully you'll enjoy them too

Finally Snow! Christmas 2015

Just as I was heading out to my sister’s for Christmas Eve dinner, we finally got the snow to make it a ‘White Christmas’.

Finally Snow! Christmas 2015


The Storm & The Reward

After a pretty good thunderstorm yesterday evening…

Thunderstorm Coming

We got a nice reward in a full panoramic rainbow.

The Rainbow

First Ride – 2015

Got the bike out for the first ride of the 2015 season. Looking forward to the next seven or so months of riding!

First Ride 2015

Happiness CDXXXVI

A ride on the river in the evening watching the setting sun cast its glow.

Hudson Glow

Happiness CDXXXV

A ride down a country road across a creek on a small country bridge.

Country Road, Country Bridge

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