T-Mobile MDA (Open)Time for another phone rebuild.  I’ve got so much junk on it that it’s got a sync problem.  Definitely on the device, not an ActiveSync issue.

I’ll be moving from the Qtek 2.17 ROM to the latest T-Mobile USA ROM.  There are many new features in this ROM, even though it has its own flaws.

Again, I’ll be streamlining my software stack on the MDA – trying to thin out the items that I don’t use that often.  It also includes changing where I install some app’s, and what sequence they are installed.

Since there are things about Windows Mobile that bother me, here is a short “wish list” of things I wish were built into the OS today.

  • HTML capable email client, for POP3 and Exchange push mail
  • A close button that actually closes the application instead of minimizing it
  • A more robust and easier-to-access task manager
  • Ability to change the “From” address when responding to an email.  I’d like to use my GMail account to reply to an email that I received from my Exchange push-mail account.
  • Phone Ring Profiles – the ability to change from a “Normal” to a “Meeting” to an “Outdoor” profile quickly
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