Last Friday I had a great opportunity to sit down with Phil Gerbyshak and talk about all sorts of things.  Mainly social media and current themes or ideas that are going on, but also about what he’s doing in Milwaukee.

image You see, Phil figured out awhile ago what a lot of this means, and has been moving ever closer to going freelance and helping companies do what he does best: Make It Great.  It’s more than a catch phrase, it’s really about perspective and choices we make.

A couple years back, Phil wrote the book Make It Great.  From that inspiration and work, he’s developed a philosophy around doing things right, listening, and helping others do the same. That’s what he’s out to do in about a month.

About two months ago (or so), Phil decided to break away from corporate America and do what he’s best at – sharing his knowledge on social media with organizations who want to do things the right way, by listening to employees and customers, and letting them help guide the way an organization should work.

Here’s an interview I did with Phil on the topic of going independent and about his Make It Great philosophy. (Don’t worry, my camera work should get better in the future – I hope 😉

Here’s some links to Phil Gerbyshak & his work.

So, thank you Phil for the chance to have time to talk the invitation to visit you in Milwaukee soon, and the insight into how to make what I do even better.  I truly appreciate it.

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