Single point perspective - photo by Mark Reeves Every couple of months I “wake up” and realize that I’m in control.  It always bothers me when I loose that perspective, and it happens much too easily.  Having that moment of clarity, that realization, understanding what that means, is a powerful experience.  It allows you to look past the moment and take a different long view of your inner goals than you normally would.

Keeping that perspective for more than a few minutes or hours, though, is quite hard.  Life intervenes, whether at work or home, and we have to deal with the responsibilities at hand.  But that is how it should be.  Being able to leverage those powerful moments when everything is very clear, however, is the key.

Sometimes you can prepare for those moments by taking notes or jotting ideas down – keep a journal maybe.  When those moments arrive, take advantage of the clarity and motivation.  Pull out that notebook, journal, or the ideas swirling in the back of your mind.  Think on them a bit, write down your conclusions and ideas if it helps, doing so can help to empower you later.

Perspectives are how we view the world, ourselves, and our place in the world.  It also affects how we view opportunities.  Without the right perspective, some opportunities might be right in front of us, and we’d never know it.  Learning what enables those moments of clarity will help you leverage those times for you and your family.  Watch for those moments, learn how to bring them about and turn them into your normal frame of mind.

Photo credit: Mark Reeves

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