It didn’t take long for the concept of to be leveraged into a full service. came along a few months ago and has quite a following with rich content, and people like me who just broadcast while they’re working, just a live feed with little going on.

blogTV just entered public beta a few days ago and has some very interesting features that USTREAM currently doesn’t have.  One of them is the “co-host” feature that allows you to select a co-host and have them broadcast live audio & video alongside yours in a type of multipoint broadcast, pretty neat.  blogTV also allows has a fantastic “broadcast control panel” that allows you to see the video you are sending out along with the chat window and what other current live broadcasts are going on in your “channel”.

Personally I really like the polish that blogTV has put into their product, but currently use for my “live” show.  One of the nifty benefits that has over blogTV is the embedable code that allows you to embed the video feed into any web page you want.

For the time being, I’ll be using both services and evaluating the features as they mature to see what actually works best.  I’ve got some ideas for a number of “shows” and I may try to set them up to see how well it works.  I do recommend that anyone interested in creating a show try both services to see what works best for you.

Have you used either service (or others)?  Please let me know what you think of them or the idea of personal broadcasting in general.smile_regular

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