Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 1 Issue 4Get ready for the forth issue of the inaugural volume of Personal Branding Magazine coming on May 1st!

I want to congratulate Dan Schawbel, publisher of Personal Branding Magazine, on completing the first full volume of the magazine.  I’ve been honored to write a column for each issue, and hope to continue bringing perspectives and adding value to the quarterly publication.

Just about a year ago, Dan Schawbel started with an idea for a magazine focused on building brand YOU.  He recruited some great bloggers and individuals in the personal branding arena and put together the first issue of PBM later that summer.  Now with the fourth issue of volume one ready to launch on May 1st, the first full volume is complete.

Here is Dan’s introduction to Issue 4:

Volume 1 Issue 4 ends the first full volume of Personal Branding Magazine. As personal branding becomes the differentiator for
career development, many new channels have opened up and the Internet is a recruiting stomping ground for all those who leverage it’s power. Between hiring candidates by viewing video resumes, employer brand websites, and even job aggregators, the times have changed and we must be ready. Human resources is rapidly evolving by branding their companies as the employer of choice and there is a sudden war for talent, despite an economic recession in the United States. In this issue, we interview all the thought leaders
who are entering the online recruiting and branding space, as well as take a closer look as to how networking plays a role in bridging recruiters with interested applicants. Only the strongest employers and candidates will survive. By reading this issue, you will have the knowledge needed in order to confront the recruitment process and be victorious.

You can also view Dan’s Promotional Video for the launch below:

Again, I want to congratulate Dan, the staff on Personal Branding Magazine, and all the writers and contributors on a great first full volume and year of Personal Branding Magazine!

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