Personal Branding Magazine I’d like to point you to Issue 2 of Personal Branding Magazine.  While this publication is still quite young, there is significant traction with the authors, editors and publisher Dan Schawbel.  This issue breaks new ground for the magazine with several new contributing writers, reporters, editing staff and sponsorships.

While this is a non-profit magazine with all proceeds going directly to The American Cancer Society, the quality and coverage is top notch.  With articles from thought leaders and experts in personal branding, you will find many helpful ideas and techniques that will help promote your greatest asset – yourself.

Dan kicks off the excitement with a cover story on none other than GE’s Jack Welch.  Also included is an interview with Philip Rosedale, the founder of SecondLife.  With an updated format for easier reading, and many reader-suggested improvements, Issue 2 has been a work of professionalism, and the desire to provide you with real-world ideas and information.

Available November 1st, 2007!

Personal Branding Magazine – Issue 2

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