Personal Branding Magazine - Volume 2 Issue 1 I’d like to bring your attention to the upcoming August 2008 issue of Personal Branding Magazine. Starting it’s second year of publication, PBM is kicking off Volume 2 with a bang. This months focus is on Millennials, and how they’re changing the way we do business.

For those who have not yet subscribed, PBM is offering a free sample issue that is an excellent example of the information you’ll find in each quarterly issue.  Publisher Dan Schawbel also has an introduction video that you may want to view regarding this issue and some fun news.

PBM is also launching a new Facebook Fan Page & Group for anyone interested in more branding and networking opportunities with your fellow PBM subscribers.

Congratulations to the staff, columnists, writers, and publisher of PBM on a great issue to kick off Volume 2!

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