Personal Branding Magazine - Issue 8

Personal Branding Magazine - Issue 8

The latest issue of Personal Branding Magazine is available now at!  One of the most informative resources for building the brand of you, this month it focuses on female brands.  From publisher Dan Schawbel:

Volume 2, Issue 4 is dedicated to female brands and their impact
on business and our culture. Women have had massive opportunities through the internet to come together and share ideas. In this issue, we’ve
interviewed some of the brightest and most talented female brands on the
planet, including Sarah Austin, Laura Ries and Natalie Gulbis, to explore
what women are doing to make this world a better place. There are many tips and strategies for women who want to control their careers and command their futures, as well as for men who are looking to learn from these talented women.


  • 28 articles total covering female branding
  • General personal branding related topics
  • Interviews with: Sarah Austin, Natalie Gulbis, Laura Ries, Toby Bloomberg, Valeria Maltoni, and Anita Campbell
  • How to define yourself
  • The importance of personal brand consistency in social networking
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Dan Schawbel announces the new issue:

You can get get a year’s subscription to the magazine here.  If you’re not sure you want a full subscription, please check out the sample issue today!

Disclosure, I author the Social Media Explorer column for Personal Branding Magazine.

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