It seems that Performancing has been having some difficulty the past few days. The details are a bit fuzzy, though it seems that their systems are receiving data, but are unable to keep up on processing it.

On Saturday, May 27th, Nick Wilson mentioned that they were working on the issue:

Just to let you know that we’re aware of the reported metrics problem and are on the case Please give us a little time to work out whats going on and how to sort it and I’ll post back here when we have any news.

It looks like the problem started around mid-day on Saturday, and has continued on for the past four days. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to view your metrics while the system is having issues.

I’ve been using the metrics for a few months now and view them as very accurate and have been helpful to me in understanding my traffic patterns. The loss of Performancing right now is only slight – I am mostly using it for my own curiosity, though I’m anxious to view my traffic for the last few days.

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