I’m sitting at Starbucks having a Venti Mocha Frappuccino, yes a quad-shot, and working online with my MDA based mobile kit. I know I keep threatening to post a picture of what I use as my micro-mobile kit – I promise to try and get that posted befor my trip next week.
On other topics, I’ve been working the Avatar Consultants site over the weekend and have Joomla live on the site now. There is quite a bit of work to go before it’s fully up to speed, but the base platform is up and running. More later.
Also, I’ve got a small lead on a consulting gig with a small company in the northern suburbs of MPLS here – may be a good launchpad for AC, or it may amount to nothing either. We’ll see.
As I use my “micro-mobile” kit, I am getting more and more enamored by it – small, light and addresses about 85% or better of what I need to do online. It was a great move last year to move everything to web-based services. Working very well when mobile!
Well, more updates later! 🙂

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