image I’m sitting here tonight reading some interesting thoughts on all sorts of things.  From wondering what the future direction of social networking is, to computer hardware to operating systems.  The post over at TechCrunch about gOS has me thinking… are both us Windows and Mac OSX users snobbish over our OS?

They both have a long history and a great rivalry.  Could both camps be missing the point?  Could a $200 computer from Wal-Mart gain real ground running an unknown OS?  Does it matter?  It’s simply a Linux PC and is running some great open source software, leverages many great free ‘net services, and could be easy for newbie’s to get started.

Are OSX and Windows the snobby Lexus/Infinity or Land Rover/Hummer of the OS world?  If so, what do we get for our premium outlay that makes them better than the open source world?

What do you think?

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